Thank you for visiting! Giancarla is a Hatha Vinyasa Registered 500 Hour Yoga Teacher who teaches with a big heart. Her teaching style is based on ease-fullness and bringing grace to the practice of Yoga. She loves teaching anyone who is brave enough to face themselves on the mat, and in doing so, genuinely encourages and inspires you to explore without end.  As a former theatre/dance professional and band tour manager, she has spent much time on the road living and learning and re-learning the practices yoga teaches.  She teaches from experience and continues to invite people deeper into their own bodies for self reflection and healing.  Her classes are soulful, sweaty,  and movement based, with an ecstatic mix of creative sequencing, lively music,  groundings in proper alignment, and strong connection to the movement of breath and life’s divine questions of the soul.

Giancarla is currently teaching Private, Semi-Private and group classes in NYC and Brooklyn. Please, feel free to explore the website, ask questions and send her emails!

–Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh“We are all one. In the human form we are pioneers embarked on a wonderful journey, exploring and experiencing the physical world”.

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